15th June 2020

More Local Produce Are Now Available at e-SG Farmers’ Market on RedMart


More of your favourite locally-farmed produce like vegetables, eggs and fish are now available at e-SG Farmers’ Market on RedMart!

Previously, apart from selected retail outlets, freshly-harvested produce were mostly made available through SG Farmers’ Market, a recurring event organised by Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation (SAFEF) with the support of Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Following the popularity of the physical event where consumers were able to meet local farmers and try their produce, SAFEF has tied up with RedMart to extend SG Farmers’ Market online so that you can also buy Singapore-farmed produce anytime, all year round from the comfort of your home.

Since the soft launch of e-SG Farmers’ Market in January 2020, more farmers have come onboard. With 20 Singapore farms and 100 products currently listed on the platform, you now have a wider selection to choose from. Simply go to  e-SG Farmers’ Market on RedMart to shop for your favourite local produce and have them delivered right to your doorstep!

Find out more about e-SG Farmers’ Market on RedMart:


Where Can I Find Singapore-Farmed Produce On RedMart And How Do I Identify Local Produce?

For your convenience, Singapore-farmed produce are listed together under “e-SG Farmers’ Market” on RedMart. You can access the e-SG Farmers’ Market page directly via this link: bit.ly/e-sgfm.

Fresh local produce have their country of origin indicated as ”Singapore”. On top of that, you can also look for the new logo developed by SFA to help consumers identify local produce: 



What Can I Buy From e-SG Farmers’ Market?

e-SG Farmers’ Market has three categories of produce for your daily nutritional needs: 

  • Dairy and eggs including goat milk, fresh eggs, pasteurized eggs, and various types of nutrient-enriched eggs 
  • Seafood including barramundi, Australian jade perch, tilapia, red snapper, and grey mullet 
  • Vegetables including kale, lettuce, spinach, basil, lady’s fingers, bean sprouts, pea sprouts, chye sim, kai lan, kang kong, nai bai, xiao bai cai, and more.


What Happens When I Order From RedMart And Why Should I Support Local Farm Produce?

Every day, RedMart picks up the ordered produce fresh from our local farms and brings them back to its fulfilment centre to sort out and load orders onto its vans before dispatching respective orders to RedMart customers islandwide.

Since local produce do not have to go through export and import procedures, this shortens the delivery time and distances, thereby reducing carbon emissions and spoilage, while providing you with fresher and more nutritious produce that are safe to eat. In addition, when you support local farmers, you not only contribute to the local economy but also help Singapore improve its food security, and that’s great!


To start shopping for local produce now, simply visit e-SG Farmers’ Market on RedMart using this link here.