Where applicable, Membership benefits and privileges include — but aren’t limited to — the following:

  • Receiving details on SAFEF’s events, other industry-related events and industry updates through Membership mailings
  • Enjoying priority participation in and preferential rates (where applicable) for SAFEF’s events
  • Participation in workshops, seminars and conferences organised by SAFEF to build capabilities and develop manpower
  • Participation in overseas study trips to learn new farming technologies and systems from countries with smart farming solutions and systems
  • Participation in SG Farmers’ Market, e-SG Farmers’ Market @ and international trade fairs to promote local produce
  • Participation in SAFEF’s gatherings to enlarge your company’s business network
  • Receiving up-to-date information on industry developments and government policies
  • Participation in SAFEF’s townhall sessions
  • Keeping abreast of Singapore’s standards in farming
  • Participation in shared facilities / services and resource pooling to enhance productivity, and reduce capital investment and operating costs
  • Receiving information on business opportunities as and when available
  • Receiving professional advice to help your business to grow (download Advisory Service Request Form here)
  • Enjoying complimentary Member listing on SAFEF’s official website



Trade Membership shall be open to any business entity or company that owns a Licensed Food Farm in Singapore.

Annual Business Membership Fee $240.00 + GST
Application Fee $60.00 + GST
Total Fees $300.00 + GST


Associate Membership shall be open to any local or foreign business entity or company or association whose business is associated with and/or have dealings with food farming, including but not limited to, materials and solutions suppliers, logistic companies, etc.

Annual Business Membership Fee $600.00 + GST
Application Fee $100.00 + GST
Total Fees $700.00 + GST


Submit the completed Application Form to us and we will get back to you.